When thoughts

become things

Our Vision

To build an educational culture in India that is inclusive and quality driven, placing the integrated individual at the centre of our approach.

What we teach, and how we teach is constantly changing and readjusting to a rapidly changing context. While there is no absolute formula as to what works, TAISI is driven to improve the quality of education by constantly learning about learning and putting our research and training into action.

TAISI - The Association of International Schools of India, was created in 2005 as the first professional development platform in India for international schools. We have grown considerably since then, and today represent an ever evolving community of educators committed to collectively improve teaching and learning practices across the country. 

How? Our focus is professional development for teachers, middle management, school leaders as well as specific workshops for students. Our learning events are relevant to all schools, regardless of the curriculum they follow. We try to equip educators with the best possible tools, skills, resources, training and network to improve their learning ethos.

We have brought speakers such as: Alan November, Anil Srinivasan, Bambi Betts, Ben Walden, Bill and Ochan Powell, Dr. David Willows, Dr. George Rupp, Graham Brown-Martin, Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath, Jennifer Abrams, Sir John Jones, Jon Nordmeyer, Jurgen Faust, Kapil Dev, Kevin Bartlett, Raghava KK, Ruby K. Payne, Prakash Nair, Takaharu Tezuka, among many others. 

Topics range from discussions on pedagogical paradigms, teaching techniques, curriculum design, leadership strategies, guidance counselling, architecture, innovations, technology, to health and well-being. At the core of everything lies student learning.

Our History

TAISI was the first platform in India that brought together schools in the context of international education. With an open mind and vision to promote learning processes that embraced the best of traditional Indian educational models as well as international models, the TAISI journey started.  

The official launch took place at the ‘Leadership and Learning Conference’ held on 23 - 25, September 2006 in Hyderabad. Over the years TAISI has grown considerably from a handful of schools to over 150 schools across the country. With enough challenges and opportunities ahead TAISI is firmly committed to serving the education community in India.

Back in 2005, after attending an IB conference in Perth, school leader Ms. Anuradha Monga reflected on the conference during a seven hour layover in Singapore. She realised that she was one of the few Indian heads who was represented at the conference, and wondered whether it would be possible to organise similar events in the subcontinent? She felt that it would be beneficial for the education community to formally bring together schools in India and work together in the spirit of mutual enrichment. To learn from and with each other was the idea behind TAISI. Upon returning and after calling a few Heads in India, TAISI was created. The founding members were Ellen Stern, Satish Jayarajan, Bruce Robinson, Helge Gallinger, Dr. Bindu Hari, Janajit Ray, and the late Subhas Mathew.

What we do?

We focus on professional development and curate workshops, (subject specific) trainings, conferences, certificate courses, webinars, inter-school sport competitions, leadership retreats, student workshops, and summer programmes.

Who we are?

Ms. Anuradha Monga
Founder, and Chairperson TAISI, International School Consultant
Dr. Bindu Hari
The International School Bangalore
Mrs. Radhika Sinha
Aditiya Birla World Academy, Mumbai
Mr. Michael Purcell
Head of School,
KC High, Chennai
Dr. Sarvesh Nadu
Former Executive School Director,
Pathways World School, Aravali