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Upcoming Event

17th Leadership Conference

Pre-Conference in association with IB
29th - 31st August, 2022


Main Conference
1st - 3rd September, 2022


Taj Resort & Convention Centre,
Vainguinim Beach, Dona Paula, Panaji, Goa

Event Details

Founded in 2005, TAISI envisions to build an educational culture that is holistic and quality driven, placing the integrated individual at the centre of our approach.

Dear School Leaders,
Throughout my tenure as Chairperson-Founder, I have made it a priority to strengthen our bonds with International, Indian International schools & International organizations across the world. I personally attach great importance to this gathering. It is a valuable opportunity to openly and frankly discuss issues that concern us all. And of course we are deepening our partnership in very practical ways throughout your regions and around the world.

I strongly believe that Heads Retreat 2021 of the TAISI Calendar has never been more relevant than it is today. No organization can solve today's global challenges. It takes all of us working together.

Our cooperation is a defining feature of today’s peace and security landscape. It lies at the heart of solutions. And this collaboration is growing even more important in this fast-changing world of rising threats.

I have set two goals for this retreat. First: to exchange views on pressing concerns affecting our work. And second: to strengthen our collaborative relationships.

Let me offer some initial thoughts to give some context.

Conflicts and disputes are inevitable in any organisation, schools not being an exception to this. Apart from it being time-consuming, conflicts have the ability to negatively impact a school’s overall morale, which is not conducive for a learning environment. How can we engage in effective negotiations, and more importantly how can we ensure that the differences are resolved in a positive way? In this year’s retreat we want to introduce mediation as an approach to resolving disputes. This will be part of a larger effort of TAISI to steer international schools towards mediation.

Warm regards
Anu Monga-Chairperson & Founder TAISI


Virtual Leadership

Pre-Conference: February 15 - 17
Main Conference February 18 - 20


When thoughts become things

Thoughts are all around us constantly shaping our world, and education has to ability to transform these into ideas, words, actions, values and things. Through our activities we try to create the space for educators to become students again and spread the love of learning.








TAISI is an outstanding community of school leaders and educators that always strives to discover new ideas and disseminate knowledge. I have loved being in TAISI events, meeting new people and exchanging new ways of doing things.

Mr. Vineet Gupta

Founder-Trustee, Ashoka University

This has been one of the most meaningful couple of days spent at an educational conference. Every module was so much thought after, with actionable points, and reflection on what, how and why.

Mr. Vikram Patel

Assistant Director Outreach, KREA University

TAISI has always run the most outstanding conferences for both faculty, administrators and leaders. This alone makes it an organisation worth joining.

Dr. Geoffrey Fisher

Head of School: B.D. Somani International School, Mumbai

The innovative, continually evolving and knowledgeable learning sessions are a tremendous opportunity for professional growth and development.

Captain Rohit Bajaj

School Director, Pathways School, Gurgaon

TAISI is a forward-thinking organization that serves the community of international schools in India with warmth, creativity and responsiveness. TAISI aspires to innovate, connect and lead educators across India.

Jon Nordmeyer

International Programmes Director at WIDA,
University of Wisconsin-Madison

TAISI is able to bring together insights and expertise from around the world and within India that would be hard for any individual school or group to do on their own.

Ewan Mclntosh

Managing Director, NoTosh Limited (UK & Australia),
President, NoTosh Inc. (USA)